The central part of Krivánská Little Fatra is filled with a massive pointed hill of Kraviarske. The proud hill above Vrátna Valley is the highest point of the northern saddlebow of the main ridge of Little Fatra.

Despite the fact that Kraviarske Hill is located deep below the main ridge of Little Fatra, it is itself a beautiful view point. The view of the surrounding landscape is not circular, but a fairly wide and far piece of land spreads out before your eyes. From the top parts, you will see a large part of Little Fatra with its dominants the Big and Little Rozsutec, as well as the Vrátna Valley and the surrounding villages.

During the hike to the hill of Kraviarske, you certainly will not meet crowds of tourists. The hill is less visited and therefore you will enjoy peace and quiet here. Rich flora and especially shrubs with blueberries will make your hike even more pleasant. The hill is accessible by marked hiking trails from Vrátna (approx. 3.5 km), the starting point of the hikes can be the settlement of Starý dvor or Vrátna Cottage.

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