Not far from the village of Magnezitovce, there is a magnificent technical monument - the Koprášský tunnel and viaduct. The Koprášský tunnel was built in 1941. The tunnel was supposed to be, like its larger neighbour - the Slavošovský tunnel - part of the project "Gemer links", which were to create an integrated transport network by linking the rail links in the region of Gemer.

The Koprášský tunnel is 245 meters long and results in the form of a viaduct, which however remains unfinished. The viaduct towering over the surrounding picturesque landscape is 38 meters high and 120 meters long.

Majestic, but abandoned construction works are today a great attraction for tourists and railway enthusiasts. The tunnel and viaduct can be reached by approximately 600 m long unmarked field road leading from the village of Magnezitovce.

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Eva Maria Nová • Jul 2022
„Nádherné pamiatky, ktoré boli postavené v minulom storočí, veľká vďaka projektantom a ľudom, ktorí to postavili...v tejto ""demokr. by to nedokázali...SUPER,nádhera...“

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