Above the village of Kosihovce, on the border of Krupina Plateau and Ipeľská Basin, there is a rocky natural monument - Kamenný vrch (Stone Hill). The mountain was created by volcanic activity in the marine environment, resulting in impressive rock formations, which mainly form its top part.

As the Stone Hill does not rise to a great altitude and the path elevates only slowly, this location is also ideal as a family trip. From the summit, you can enjoy a nice view of the large Ipeľ Basin and in the distance also volcanic massifs in Hungary. To the west you will see the Opava observation tower and the southern foothills of the Krupina Plain.

Fragments of petrified remains of ancient marine plants are also present in the site. A number of rare thermophilous species grow on rock walls. The site has scientific, educational, and cultural-educative value.

A marked hiking trail leads from Kosihovce (approx. 1.5 km) to the Stone Hill. Then you can go back from the top or continue to the valley of Cerínsky Creek. If you have decided to use the bike, the route is also suitable for mountain biking in both directions.

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