Kalamárka is a natural site in the foothills of Poľana near Detva. What will enchant you in this area for sure is the extremely rugged relief that has long been a traditional place of rock-climbing.

From the historical point of view, it is the only known early-medieval site in Detva Basin. It is known that the Kalamárka has attracted the attention of men already in prehistoric times, and now it is not otherwise.

In addition to mountaineers, a number of tourists come here every year, especially those who are looking for adrenaline experiences from these rocky gorges. The entire summit plateau is freely accessible only from the north. For mountaineers, this andesite boulder offers two sectors for climbing, the lower rocks, which are up to 20 meters high and newly secured with bolts.

There is an access to Kalamárka by car straight to the rocks. But you will have a much better experience of Kalamárka if you go there by easily accessible and well-marked maintained long trail from Detva itself. The pedestrian walkway is unpretentious and has a length of approximately 2 km.

There is also one of the most beautiful rocky roads in Slovakia called Indian. It is accessible at any time of the year, and thanks to this you can discover the beauty of Poľana on hot summer days, golden autumn, blooming spring, but also icy winter.

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