The town of Vyšné Ružbachy is not only rich in mineral springs, but also travertines and sculptural jewels that are set in a beautiful natural environment, surrounded by tranquility and quiet mountains.

If you want to see this unique beauty, visit the area of the International Sculpture Symposium, which has a long-standing tradition in Slovakia, on the flowery meadows, among the trees and bushes. The area of the Vyšné Ružbachy International Sculpture Symposium is about 100 m2. Visitors can see many travertine sculptures from Slovak and foreign artists.

This complex of sculptures represents not only cultural value but also historical value. It is an open-air International Museum Exhibition. At present, this unique natural gallery houses over 100 stone sculptures from artists from more than 14 countries.

All the sculptures were created on the spot and are inspired by the surrounding nature and the environment from which they came. They fit into the environment harmoniously, as if they were there for ages.

The area is open all year round.

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