A great place to relax, regenerate and do active sports can be found in one place in the building of the swimming pool in Stará Turá, situated in western Slovakia.

The indoor swimming pool, along with other sports facilities, is located in the sports area of the town of Stará Turá.

The swimming pool offers visitors a small swimming pool with a capacity of 30 people and a water depth of up to 160 cm. In addition to swimming for the general public, it is also used by schools and sports clubs for swimming trainings.

The depth to reach the bottom of the pool is particularly suited for beginners, while at the same time it does not limit active swimmers.

The swimming pool area is clean, well maintained and, due to its smaller size, it has a pleasant, cozy and family atmosphere.

The services of the complex include a skittle alley, table tennis and tennis courts, where you can play more sports, improve your fitness or just play a friendly game with your friends.

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Katarína Jobbová Bukovčanová • Apr 2022
„Super plaváreň aj voda celkom svieža ale dali sme to.“

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