Tisovská Hradová is one of the most significant landscapes in the surroundings of Tisovec. This massive limestone hilltop with numerous caves has provided people with a safe living since the early Stone Age. Traces of prehistoric settlements are still found almost throughout the whole ridge.

There is a nature trail leading to the castle, which starts on the square at the bus stop in Tisovec. It is 3.12 km long and reaches an elevation of 475 m. The top of Hradova also hides the remains of a medieval castle, mentioned in many legends. However, only a few overgrown walls remain from the original castle.

From Hradova we can go back along the nature trail Tisovec or continue along the yellow trail further to the rocky ridge. A fairly challenging trail with chains will bring us here, but the reward will be charming views of the surrounding countryside.

You may need some: accommodation Tisovec
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