Provence can be proud of the vast plains of fragrant, purple lavender. And truly, Slovakia is not lagging behind. Here, you will also find a magical area where dreams turn into reality and the presence is stupefying. This area is called Hostovice Meadows.

Hostovice Meadows have been a nature reserve since 1980. They represent wet meadows with rich, diverse and especially protected vegetation, but also protected species of birds and insects.

However, these meadows are also unique in something else. Only here and in no other place of Slovakia, you will find an extensive occurrence of Siberian Iris. The charming view of Hostovice Meadows, which is often dotted with purple heads of this precious flower, will come to you especially in the period of its bloom, which usually takes place in May and June.

Maybe you wonder how this incredibly beautiful natural phenomenon got here. Rumours say that it was because of Napoleon's troops who were camping in the Hostovice Meadows during their retreat from Russia. They brought a stock of hay taken from the far east of Russia for their horses. And it was this hay where there were a number of iris seeds, which, when manipulated, were sprinkled on the ground and eventually formed fragrant and deep purple flowery rugs.

The location can be reached easily by car or bicycle. However, it should be borne in mind that Hostovice Meadows represent a nature reserve with a 4th degree of protection and therefore the entry into the reservation area is prohibited.

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