It is said that the most beautiful view of the world is from the horse's back. In addition, the horse is a divine gift to humanity and touch with it positively affects the whole body.

On horseback you will experience a unique relaxation, your mind will relax and do something for your body as you stretch the whole skeleton. Lieskovec Ranch in Podunajské Biskupice offers walking rides and equestrian training.

Treat yourself to a unique experience, gain new experience and recharge your batteries. Take 1 or 5 horse riding lessons with an instructor, or experience a great teambuilding for 12 people.The lessons are designed for all horse lovers, both adults and children, or for whole families who like nature and horses. At the same time, there are other interesting animals on the ranch that will be delighted to visit.

Experience a divine view from the horse's back, or spend a unique day at the ranch, close to animals and in the womb of nature.

You can buy discounted riding and you can find further information (including information about the time validity of the discount) on this site.

You may need some: accommodation district Senec
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