Holumnica Castle ruins are located on a hill behind the village of Holumnica. The castle was probably built sometime at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries. Literature does not mention this castle, so it is not exactly known which of the families had the castle built. The Berzeviczy, Ujházy, or Görgey family are being considered.

Exact records do not exist, all estimates are based on other historical documents only. The castle was abandoned sometime in the 17th century, when a more comfortable and representative mansion was built in the village.

The visitor can see the remnants of the three-storey perimeter walls with crevice shafts and the remains of a Renaissance semicircular scutelliform attic here.

The ruins are located on the outskirts of Holumnica. You can leave the car near the municipal office and walk a short while until you reach the alley leading to the left - there is a wooden bridge over the Holumnický stream almost right opposite. This short aisle on the left side between the houses leads to the ruins.

You may need some: accommodation district Kežmarok
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