Do you know where the mysterious Celtic fort is located? It is a hillfort at Kláštor, remains of which are a silent witness of the ancient life of the Celts on the western ridge of the Účtovník Hill. A long time ago, there was a mighty Celtic hillfort, veiled in a mysterious atmosphere.

Up to the present day, it is possible to see traces of the serpentine road in the field, falling in the western part of the fortified hillfort area. The walled fortification is the most massive on the east. The most beautiful part of the original hillfort is the acropolis and the mystical stone portal.

It is estimated that the hillfort at Kláštor had at least a regional significance, while the oldest settlement of the fort dates back to the Lusatian culture. The life of the Celts at hill is mainly associated with the mining and processing of iron ore.

The hillfort is also a rare archaeological site. Iron spears, iron depot, or other iron tools were found here, but the most interesting finding is the bronze figure of a naked man, one of the most important finds throughout Slovakia.

Just a shor way from the site of the fort, there is a massive boulder called Baba, adorned with a large iron cross, evoking some sort of watchtower at first glance. From here, you can enjoy a beautiful view.

The fort can be reached from Ponická Huta along the blue trail, and just behind this village, you need to turn right onto a comfortable forest path that will lead you to the fort.

You may need some: accommodation Poniky
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