If you go wandering the Považský Inovec, do not omit the area of Marhát, which is characterized by graceful nature abounding wildness and harshness of the rocks and cliffs there. One of these stunning rocky natural creations lies between the Trnava and Nitra regions. It is a natural monument of Visiace skaly (Hanging Rocks), which make hiking in this mountain range quite attractive.

Hanging rocks form a strip of rocks about 10 m high, on which extends an extensive grassy plateau. It is a great mountain of Tribeč or Záruby in the Little Carpathians. On the top meadow, there is also a cross and a scout lily with the Slovak coat of arms.

The climbing route to Hanging Rocks is not difficult. Rather a slight climb awaits you, which even a beginner can manage. A good starting point is the recreation center Výtoky (approx. 3km), from where a hiking trail leads along the green and red mark through the Krahulčie Hills and the crossroads of Sedlo Gajda. The view of the Hanging Rocks can also be reached from the village of Nitrianska Blatnica (approx. 6 km). Remember to follow the signs carefully, you may easily miss the turn to the natural monument.

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