• Vrch Dobroč 37, Detvianska Huta
The time required is approx. 1.5 hours.
The time required is approx. 1.5 hours.

The Haferník Ranch is located in the lap of the beautiful nature of the Slovak Ore Mountains, where you can relax while wandering, riding horses and getting to know the natural beauty.

The ranch offers training for beginners and riding for advanced. Walking in the nature with the instructor's accompaniment is enhanced by the beautiful nature of Podpoľanie region. Walks can be also arranged for multiple hours, but only in groups of minimum of 5 people.

They also regularly organize school trips, or trips for kindergartens, summer camps and also offer weekend stays in the saddle.

If you are from far away or want to spend the whole weekend here, the ranch will be happy to accommodate you in a family house with three rooms. There is also a large kitchen, where you can prepare meals individually, or after agreement with the ranch workers, you can do something together.

The location near the ranch is also generous to visitors during the winter months. There are several ski lifts, and the Haferník ranch will provide all skiers with accommodation in a pleasant home atmosphere.

Riding must be booked in advance by telephone.

You may need some: accommodation Detvianska Huta
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Anonym • Aug 2021
„Na ranči sme boli s deťmi. Super prístup, veľká ochota, odporúčam. “

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