• GPS: 49.04, 18.63781

Frivald Calvary is located on a wooded hill on the outskirts ofRajecká Lesná, about 500 m from the Basilica. It was built in 1920-1921.

Ascent to the Calvary is accompanied by 14 brick stops. At the top, there is the Church of the Ascension and the Three Crosses. Below the Calvary, there is a Lourdes chapel with a spring that the locals claim to have curative effects. The healing effects besides the spiritual aspect can be attributed to the magnesium and calcium content in the water.

The surroundings of the Calvary with the Lourdes Chapel are very calm and pleasant. The calvary hill itself is landscaped. Calvary can be reached directly by car that can be left at the adjacent parking lot. The place is a pleasant trip for all, not just for believers. The peak provides a beautiful semicircular view of Rajecká Valley.

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