• Kaštieľska 102, Borša

The village of Borša is the birthplace of Francis Rákoczi II. To this day, his native residence - the Renaissance manor of František Rákoczi - stands on the place where he was born in 1676. The manor of the leader of the last anti-Habsburg uprising is the most important monument of the village.

In 1939 - 1943, the manor house was substantially modified andtoday its premises serve as a museum. The installed permanent ethnographic exhibition commemorates and presents the personality of František Rákoczi II. In the mansion there are memorial rooms of Rákoczi, which were cut out from ancient times.

The manor house is surrounded by a large complex, in which a bronze bust of František Rákoczi is installed. You can also observe a prismatic bastion, which could be a remnant of the tower. The grounds of the manor house are freely accessible, the exhibition can be visited after telephone booking.

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