The Kamenistá Valley is a paradise for cyclists. You will be pleased not only by the varied terrain, but also by the magnificent views and picturesque forest coves.

The rocky valley leads through the volcanic Poľana mountain range, alongside the historical waterworks of Hrončok. There is a cycle path along the asphalt road, without cars and in the heart of untouched nature.

Although it is a more challenging route where you will sweat when climbing, treading and effort, however, will be rewarded by a picturesque landscape just like from fairy tales. The meanders of the creek of Kamenisté create a beautiful scenery, where it is worthwhile to drop off the bike for a while.

The unique two and a half kilometer section of the Meander of the Kamenistý creek from the edge of Sihla to the Klimentka gamekeeper's house has been a protected area since 1991. It belongs to the Poľana Protected Landscape Area. The cycle path is also part of the circuit around the Poľana stratovolcano.

If your starting and final point is Brezno, the length of the route is about 60 km. This route is excellent in that it has a number of options to complement your drink supplies, as well as places where you can safely hide from bad weather.

You may need some: accommodation district Brezno
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Peter Tichý • Jul 2022
„Trasa je veľmi pekná, avšak neodporúčam riskovať túru na cestnom bicykli s úzkymi plášťami a už vôbec nie na bezdušovom systéme. Riziko roztrhnutia plášta na ostrom štrku (po ceste je ho celkom dosť) je vysoké. “

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