• Chemlonská 1, Humenné

The Humenné city swimming pool is situated in the city's sports zone and is open all year round. In addition to the public, schools and organizations from the city and the surrounding area often use it for their training and teaching needs.

In addition to the 25-meter swimming pool, there is a 10-meter training swimming pool in the swimming pool area too.

The water in the pools is not chlorinated. It is cleaned in a modern way in the form of UV radiation, ionization and sand filtration. This makes it ideal for swimming with babies.

You can also end your visit to the swimming pool with a relaxing stay in the sauna, sun parlor, infrared cabin or indulge in a relaxing massage. A well-equipped gym is also available for sports enthusiasts.

The swimming pool area also boasts of modernly refurbished changing rooms, drying rooms, sanitary facilities and showers.

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