The Low Tatras attract tourists from all over Slovakia as well as the surrounding area. They offer not only beautiful nature, great tourism, but also many attractions and entertainment for all.

Obviously, the most famous peak of the Low Tatras is the majestic Chopok, which is also the third highest peak of the Low Tatras. It proudly stands at an impressive altitude of 2024 meters. Its ridge protrudes between Dereše and Konské hills. The very top of Chopok itself is a natural view point, where you can see the mountains and valleys of Slovakia.

If you want to enjoy the hiking and beauty of nature at Chopok and also meet its shy inhabitants - chamois, just like in the High Tatras, it is also necessary to dress properly and put on appropriate shoes. The mountains have their own regime, and while the valley is beautiful and sunny, unpleasant and cold weather can reach you at the top of Chopok.

At the top, there is the Kamenná chata (Stone Cottage) below Chopok, where you can relax, indulge in a hearty meal and recharge your energy, for example, for another ascent to the higher eastern peak of Chopok. The television and weather station is an unmistakable high-rise building on Chopok.

 In winter, Chopok turns into a ski paradise and an ideal place for alpine skiing. Thanks to the excellent altitude, you can enjoy skiing in Chopok until spring.

The Chopok cable car runs from the Demänovská Valley, as well as several marked hiking trails.

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