The time required is approx. 1 hour.
The time required is approx. 1 hour.

The surrounding area of the village of Nitrica is composed of dolomite formations. One of these interesting natural creations is located under a rock on the northwest slope of Drieňovský Hill. It is a cave with a concise name "Brloh" (Burrow).

Its premises consist of a smaller hall and a steeply rising side corridor, reaching a total length of 16 meters. The walls and ceiling of the cave are without drip decoration and bear the signs of frost weathering. There are interesting scratches near the entrance. The cave is freely accessible to the public.

The Brloh Cave is one of the stops of the tourist - educational trail Nitrica. The route starts in Nitrica and is 7 km long. It is a relatively easy route, which can be managed by tourists of all ages. The cave itself is from the village Nitrica distant about 1km.

You may need some: accommodation district Prievidza
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Peter • Oct 2022
„Jaskinu sme nenašli, chýbaju značky, je tam len šípka ukazujuca dakde do lesa a dalej nič! kolega to našiel len vdaka GPS na mobile!!! Hanba pre Nitricu-HANBA!“
Anonym • Jul 2022
„Jaskyna je od zaciatku trasy (obecny urad) vzdialena cca 3km. Prechadzka velmi prijemna a nenarocna, zvladlo 7 rocne dieta aj 2 male psy, dakujeme za tip 👍“

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