On the western edge of the village of Bernolákovo, dominated by a hill called Várdomb (Castle Hill), there are remains of the Čeklís Castle. The castle was probably built in the 13th century and guarded the road going from Bratislava to the east.

Čeklíš Castle disappeared during the Hussite graceful rides to areas of Western Slovakia. At that time the castle and serf village Čeklís were burned. From the castle grounds, only small remains of the walls have been preserved. There is also a crumbling waterworks, which was built in the style of a castle tower, but not part of the original castle.

From this location is a beautiful view of the Danubian Plain, Bratislava and Bratislava Castle. The easiest way to get to the ruins is by the alley - a field path just next to the church of St. Stephen. This is a really short and unpretentious walk that anyone can handle.

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