• Draškovičov kaštieľ, Čachtice

Perhaps there is no man who would not know the mysterious village of Čachtice, famous especially for the sadly known bloody countess of Čachtice, Elizabeth Báthory.

However, both the local castle and the village have a rich history - abundant in many other important and interesting events. These are documented by the Čachtice Museum, which is located in the Draškovič mansion.

Expositions capture historical events and show visitors the rich cultural traditions and folk culture of the town. You can get a close look at the collection of historical weapons, period documents, clothing items and jewelry, the collection of portraits of members of local aristocratic families.

The Čachtice Museum also boasts of a significant written and pictorial material about the Tatrín Literary Society, which had meeting on on 9.-10. October 1847 in Čachtice.

The Čachtice Museum is an extended exposition of the Trenčín Museum. It is open seasonally from May to October.

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