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Underground bowels of the Horehronské Valley are proof of the extremely beautiful power of nature. Not far from the well-known tourist centers of Tále and Mýto pod Ďumbierom, you can dive into the mysterious beauty of the Bystrianska Cave.

Bystrianska Cave is located on the southern side of the Low Tatras, near the village of Bystrá. It is formed by Old and New cave with a total length of more than 3 km and has a gorge character. The old part of the cave has been known since time immemorial. Its research began in 1923. It was focused mainly on the abyss called Peklo (Hell), through which cavemen descended to New Cave in 1926 .

The guided tour is 580 meters long and almost without elevation. The cave is also accessible for immobile visitors. The tour takes 45 minutes. The cave is interesting for its three abysses, which have a depth of about 20 meters, but also rich and diverse stalactic decoration. The most beautiful hall is considered the so-called Klenotnica (Treasury).

Some parts of the Bystrianska Cave underground are also used for speleotherapy. The entrance to the cave is about 120 m away from the car park with a minimum elevation.

You may need some: accommodation Bystrá (district Brezno)
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