Buková is a water reservoir in western Slovakia on the Hrudka stream. It is located in Bukovská Valley near the village of Buková in the middle of the Little Carpathians.

The water reservoir is a majestic center of the nature reserve and it is no wonder that it is a popular and sought-after resort not only during the summer months.

The Buková Reservoir serves mainly for irrigation of lower-lying villages (Plavecký Peter, Plavecký Mikuláš, etc.). During the summer, however, it serves tourists vacationers who have taken a trip to this wonderful area to cool down, bath and swim.

In addition to swimming, you can also rent water bikes and take a cruise on the reservoir. The water in the reservoir has mildly grassy shores reinforced by deciduous trees that offer shelter from the sun during the heat.

Fishermen also love this area because the water reservoir is a fishing ground. It is also popular with tourists who are attracted by historical monuments - the ruins of Ostrý Kameň Castle are rising above the reservoir.

You will get accommodation in a campsite or in the surrounding cottage area with many recreational bungalows. The surrounding area is interwoven with many hiking trails and cycling trails.

You may need some: accommodation district Trnava
Tourist map (GPS 48.5351, 17.35817)
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Anonym • Oct 2022
„Počas tohtoročného suchého leta bolo na brehoch vyplavených mnoho mušlí (korýtko rybničné). Kde sa tam dá kúpať netuším, brehy sú bahnité.“

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