• Mlynská dolina 1A, Karlova Ves, Bratislava
The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

During your free time, take a peek into the secrets of nature at ZOO Bratislava. This Zoo is among the largest zoos in Slovakia. It is located in Mlynská dolina near the Danube and is a popular Bratislava attraction.

Its mission is to connect the world of animals, people and nature through knowledge and positive experiences. Through a high level of animal care, endangered species rescue programs and quality education, it plays an important role in the active protection of nature.

It has 1104 individuals from 185 species under its care. The rarest include the Nubian adax, Visayan wild boar, Sumatran orangutan, Turkmen kulan, golden-faced gibbon, Liberian hippopotamus, and Ceylon leopard. It is also the only zoo in Slovakia where you can find chimpanzees, giraffes and rhinos.

In the zoo grounds you will find two children's playgrounds with a ropeway, and a sightseeing ride on an electric safari bus around the entire zoo grounds is also an experience. During the summer season, children can ride horses. ZOO Bratislava offers an exciting program of commented animal feedings accompanied by experienced zoo keepers throughout the year.

You can find refreshments in buffet establishments open throughout the year. You should definitely not miss a visit to the stylish Zooshop with a wide range of souvenirs, toys, jewelry, books, games and other interesting things that will remind you of pleasant moments spent at the zoo.

Bratislava Zoo is open daily throughout the year and also during holidays.

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