The Ružín Karst is rich in places that could be compared to the natural treasures of the Slovak Paradise by its beauty. These include the massive wooded hill of Bokšov sometimes referred to as the Bokšov Rocks.

They are located near the villages of Malá Lodina and Veľká Lodina. Bokšov is particularly attractive thanks to its interesting limestone cliffs, the so-called rock town located in its top parts.

The very top of Bokšov provides a limited but very nice view of the Sopotnice Hills, the Bujanovské Hills, the Slánske Hills, the Humenec. Not only the views, but also the rock towers, rock needles and other unusual shapes that steeply descend into the Hornádská Valley valley are a must for admiration.   The entire eastern part of Bokšov, the Bokšov rock town, and the adjacent part of the neighbouring hill of Holice are a national nature reserve. There are very rare forest and rock communities.

There is no officially marked hiking trail leading to Bokšov Rocks. You can get here from the village of Malá Lodina through a small valley located between Bokšov Rocks and the Holica Hill.

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