Benát Hill is often referred to as the most beautiful and most visited volcanic peak of Pohronský Inovec. It overlooks the picturesque villages of Žitavany and Machulince near Zlaté Moravce.

What will enchant you about the Benát Hill the most is its very summit, where the rocky town is situated, representing the remnant of volcanic activity. You can also admire beautiful and colossal andesite formations - bastions, towers and columns.

From the high rocks, you will get the best and most beautiful view. You will have the entire Upper Požitavie region, Topoľčany Chateau, castles ofJelenec and Hrušov or the ridge of the Tribeč Mountain Range lie open.

During the spring and summer, rich and with the most varied colours glowing flora enhances your good hike experience. Many rarely occurring protected plant species grow in the site.

Several marked hiking trails lead to Benát Hill. However, they all go through a diverse landscape - meadows and forests. The best route leads from the village of Machulince. A blue-marked trail starts in the Hlboká dolina (Deep Valley). Other starting points can be the village of Žitavany, from where you follow the so-called Quarry path.

You may need some: accommodation district Zlaté Moravce
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