• Banská Hodruša 736, Hodruša - Hámre

If you are interested in mining history and mining in general, the interesting place for a trip will certainly be the villageof Hodruša-Hamre near Banská Štiavnica. One of the five surviving mining clappers in Slovakia stands right there.

The clapper was built as part of the warning system for the population against military and Turkish dangers, but it also served as a timekeeping device and also to call miners to work by sound signals, which were issued by knocking on a wooden board.

A very valuable and interesting part of the mining clapper is the clock, which was installed in 1611. Their peculiarity is that the clock face has two arms, but the hand has only one hand, the hour hand. The other arm is only for balancing and has the form of a moon.

Since the clapper also served as an observation post, the upper gallery has been preserved up in very good condition to the present day. Visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the whole village and adjacent scattered settlement.

The clapper is included in the group of monuments of the Banská Štiavnica area as well as in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visitors can view this unique historical monument on weekends.

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