The picturesque mountain range of Bachureň, situated in north-eastern Slovakia in the districts of Sabinov and Prešov, offers pleasant and undemanding hiking in the bosom of beautiful nature.

One of the most visited destinations of this flysch mountain is its highest peak of the same name, which rises at an altitude of 1081 m asl. Its charm lies in its distinctive landscape relief. There are relatively well-preserved forests alternating with wide meadow passages.

The top is overgrown with a thicket on one side, but it does not prevent it from offering you a truly beautiful view of the High Tatras, the neighboring Branisko with the dominant Smrekovica, Levoča Hills and the Čierny Močiar Valley (Black Marsh Valley).

In addition to the views, there is a wooden bench waiting for you to enjoy the charm but also to relax and recharge the energy. During the summer days, you will surely be rewarded with tasty forest raspberries, which are growing here in plenty.

Bachurňa Hill is accessible by marked hiking trails leading from the villages of Nižný Slavkov, Vyšný Slavkov or Lačnov to Saddle below Bachurňa.

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