The small Orava village of Istebné is one of the most important cultural and historical monuments. There is a wooden articular church of St. Michael, which took its current form in 1730. Previously, in its place stood only a small chapel from 1686.

The articular church in Istebné is one of the national cultural monuments of Slovakia and is one of the five articular churches in Slovakia. The ground plan of the church has the shape of a Greek cross. Its peculiarity is that, as the only articular church, it has a wooden chalice, reminiscent of the old days when the Orava people were poor but rich in spirit.

The interior of the articular church in Istebno is decorated with precious paintings, a baroque altar with a painting of St. The Trinity, a pulpit in the Florentine style with statues of evangelists. There is also an organ, but the original one from 1768 has not been preserved and therefore a new church was brought to the church in 1931.

The church also has a belfry, the bottom of which is made of stone and the top of wood. The enchanting atmosphere is complemented by the mighty, old linden trees and the already masonry parish from 1837. The church is open daily for visitors from 10.00 to 17.00 except during masses.

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