In the village of Nižná Myšľa, you can get to know the life during the Bronze Age. Archaeological research was carried out on the flat elevation of Várhegy near this village, and so the monuments of Otomany-Fűzesabon prehistoric culture were found here.

In addition to the settlement, however, archaeologists also uncovered a burial ground, located 200 meters from the settlement. More than 900 graves were found at this burial site and there were many benefactions in each of them.

Nižná Myšľa thus became an important site of the Early Bronze Age. Enthusiasts from the civic association Collegium Myssle have created a replica of the original dwelling, the reconstruction of the entrance gate to the settlement, or the remains of the dwellings that you can see here too.

Many of the archaeological findings are of worldwide importance. In an effort to show the archaeological objects to visitors as close as possible to the site, the Myšľany General Museumhas been set up in the village of Nižná Myšla. The museum is located in the building of a former monastery and mansion from the 13th century.

A red hiking trail and a blue cycling trail pass along the site. The location is therefore an excellent place for doing tourism and hiking.

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