Summer is just perfect for an unforgettable experience. Come and have fun and laugh in the beautiful surroundings of the Hrabovská Valley.

One of the most popular recreational valleys in Liptov is located just a short walk from the center of Ružomberok and during the summer months, it offers a wide range of opportunities for relaxation, culture and active holidays for families, couples and groups.

In the town district Ružomberok - Hrabovo, there is the main attraction of the entire valley, namely Hrabovská water reservoir. It is reconstructed into a natural swimming pool with well-kept beaches for a perfect summer relaxation and water fun or sport.

You can try walking on the water surface in the inflatable aquazorbing ball. All of this without risk under the supervision of experienced instructors. Aquazorbing is a popular adrenaline type of water fun. The attraction is suitable for all ages.

You may need some: accommodation district Ružomberok
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