• Revištské Podzámčie 38, Žarnovica - Revištské Podzámčie
The time required is approx. 1 hour.
The time required is approx. 1 hour.

Zveropark in Revištské Podzámčie is a place where nature is as beautiful as from a fairy tale, interesting animals, a roaring waterfall, a lake full of fish, a meadow perfect for a picnic and peace for relaxation. Zoopark is open to all nature and animal lovers. Approximately 40 species of animals live on an area of approximately 21 ha.

The little ones will appreciate the children's playground and the petting corner, where they can feed the animals from their hand and pet them, or "ride" on a buggy that can be rented at the entrance. Older children will surely enjoy shooting from a slingshot, the possibility of fishing, or finding the right way out of the forest maze. For lovers of fairy tales (but not only for them), there is a fairy tale circuit.

In the Zoo, parents and children will find not only entertainment, but also knowledge. Through the tables located in the animal enclosures, they will learn what, for example, moose, foxes, fallow deer, pheasants, ospreys, kangaroos, marmots and other animals that they have the opportunity to see in the Zoo are fed. On the dendrological trail, they will learn various interesting facts about trees and bushes.

A walk through the Zoo is thanks to its uneven terrain kind of easier hiking, and therefore visitors have the opportunity to relax while riding the "Zverokuk" or "bugs" train that will take them to the "hill of fun" to the jumping center.

Many people will get hungry during such a walk, which is why there are 3 gastro businesses with fast food available for visitors, there is also the possibility of roasting on open fire on the premises. On hot days, everyone likes an ice cream cone or one of the wide selection of popsicles.

The zoo is open only during the summer tourist season, and therefore it is advisable to check the park's opening hours in advance.

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Andika Molnárová • Aug 2022
Photos added:
Andika Molnárová • Aug 2022
„To vstupne sa uplne oplati a hlavne tie voziky su velmi kreativny napad za mna super vcera sme tam boli aj s nasim synatorom a velmi sa mu tam pacilo za mna TOP zveropark 🥰🥰“
Anonym • May 2021
„No je to nádherné miesto, krásne prostredie, určite sa tam oplatí ísť s celou rodinou“

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